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citistat: Citizenship status, detailed


citistat indicates whether or not the respondent is a US citizen. See also citizen.


Sample Years
Basic 1994 - present
ORG 1994 - present


Value Label
1 Native, born in US
2 Native, born in Puerto Rico or other US island areas
3 Native, born abroad with American parent(s)
4 Foreign born, naturalized US citizen
5 Foreign born, not a US citizen


Variable creation
* citistat: Citizenship status, detailed
gen byte citistat = .

if $monthlycps == 1 {
    if tm(1994m1) <= $date {
        replace citistat = prcitshp
        assert 1 <= prcitshp & prcitshp <= 5

label var citistat "Citizenship status, detailed"
#delimit ;
lab def citistat
1 "Native, born in US"
2 "Native, born in Puerto Rico or other US island areas"
3 "Native, born abroad with American parent(s)"
4 "Foreign born, naturalized US citizen"
5 "Foreign born, not a US citizen"
#delimit cr;
lab val citistat citistat
notes citistat: 1994-present CPS: prcitshp