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pulineno: CPS: Person line number within household


pulineno is the person line number on the CPS file, which can be used to merge the EPI extracts to the raw CPS data from Census.


Sample Years
Basic All years
May All years
ORG All years


Variable creation
* pulineno
capture rename pulineno orig_pulineno
gen byte pulineno = .

if $monthlycps == 1 | $maycps == 1 {
    if tm(1973m1) <= $date & $date <= tm(1993m12) {
        replace pulineno = lineno
    if tm(1994m1) <= $date {
        replace pulineno = orig_pulineno

lab var pulineno "CPS: Person line number within household"
notes pulineno: 1973-1993: Unicon lineno
notes pulineno: 1994-present: CPS pulineno
notes pulineno: Used for joining EPI extracts to BLS/Census raw data