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ind02: 2002 Census Industry Classification


ind02 is the 2002 Census industry classification of the primary job of the respondent. See also mind16.


Sample Years
Basic 2003 - 2008
ORG 2003 - 2008


Value Label
170 Crop production
180 Animal production
190 Forestry except logging
270 Logging
280 Fishing, hunting, and trapping 9999
290 Support activities for agriculture and forestry
370 Oil and gas extraction
380 Coal mining
390 Metal ore mining
470 Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying
480 Not specified type of mining
490 Support activities for mining
570 Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
580 Natural gas distribution
590 Electric and gas, and other combinations
670 Water, steam, air conditioning, and irrigation systems
680 Sewage treatment facilities
690 Not specified utilities
770 Construction
1070 Animal food, grain, and oilseed milling
1080 Sugar and confectionery products
1090 Fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty food manufacturing
1170 Dairy product manufacturing
1180 Animal slaughtering and processing
1190 Retail bakeries
1270 Bakeries, except retail
1280 Seafood and other miscellaneous foods, n.e.c.
1290 Not specified food industries
1370 Beverage manufacturing
1390 Tobacco manufacturing
1470 Fiber, yarn, and thread mills
1480 Fabric mills, except knitting
1490 Textile and fabric finishing and coating mills
1570 Carpets and rugs manufacturing
1590 Textile product mills except carpets and rugs
1670 Knitting mills
1680 Cut and sew apparel manufacturing
1690 Apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing
1770 Footwear manufacturing
1790 Leather tanning and products, except footwear manufacturing
1870 Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills
1880 Paperboard containers and boxes
1890 Miscellaneous paper and pulp products
1990 Printing and related support activities
2070 Petroleum refining
2090 Miscellaneous petroleum and coal products
2170 Resin, synthetic rubber and fibers, and filaments manufacturing
2180 Agricultural chemical manufacturing
2190 Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
2270 Paint, coating, and adhesives manufacturing
2280 Soap, cleaning compound, and cosmetic manufacturing
2290 Industrial and miscellaneous chemicals
2370 Plastics product manufacturing
2380 Tire manufacturing
2390 Rubber products, except tires, manufacturing
2470 Pottery, ceramics, and related products manufacturing
2480 Structural clay product manufacturing
2490 Glass and glass product manufacturing
2570 Cement, concrete, lime, and gypsum product manufacturing
2590 Miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing
2670 Iron and steel mills and steel product manufacturing
2680 Aluminum production and processing
2690 Nonferrous metal, except aluminum, production and processing
2770 Foundries
2780 Metal forgings and stampings
2790 Cutlery and hand tool manufacturing
2870 Structural metals and tank and shipping container manufacturing
2880 Machine shops, turned product, screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing
2890 Coating, engraving, heat treating and allied activities
2970 Ordnance
2980 Miscellaneous fabricated metal products manufacturing
2990 Not specified metal industries
3070 Agricultural implement manufacturing
3080 Construction mining and oil field machinery manufacturing
3090 Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing
3170 Metalworking machinery manufacturing
3180 Engines, turbines, and power transmission equipment manufacturing
3190 Machinery manufacturing, n.e.c.
3290 Not specified machinery manufacturing
3360 Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing
3370 Communications, audio, and video equipment manufacturing
3380 Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing
3390 Electronic component and product manufacturing, n.e.c.
3470 Household appliance manufacturing
3490 Electrical lighting, equipment, and supplies manufacturing, n.e.c.
3570 Motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment manufacturing
3580 Aircraft and parts manufacturing
3590 Aerospace product and parts manufacturing
3670 Railroad rolling stock manufacturing
3680 Ship and boat building
3690 Other transportation equipment manufacturing
3770 Sawmills and wood preservation
3780 Veneer, plywood, and engineered wood products
3790 Prefabricated wood buildings and mobile homes
3870 Miscellaneous wood products
3890 Furniture and related products manufacturing
3960 Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
3970 Toys, amusement, and sporting goods manufacturing
3980 Miscellaneous manufacturing, n.e.c.
3990 Not specified manufacturing industries
4070 Motor vehicles, parts and supplies
4080 Furniture and home furnishings
4090 Lumber and other construction materials
4170 Professional and commercial equipment and supplies
4180 Metals and minerals, except petroleum
4190 Electrical goods
4260 Hardware, plumbing and heating equipment, and supplies
4270 Machinery, equipment, and supplies
4280 Recyclable material
4290 Miscellaneous durable goods
4370 Paper and paper product wholesalers
4380 Drugs, sundries, and chemical and allied product wholesalers
4390 Apparel, fabrics, and notions wholesalers
4470 Groceries and related product wholesalers
4480 Farm product raw material wholesalers
4490 Petroleum and petroleum product wholesalers
4560 Alcoholic beverage wholesalers
4570 Farm supplies wholesalers
4580 Miscellaneous nondurable goods wholesalers
4585 Wholesale electronics markets, agents and brokers
4590 Not specified wholesale trade
4670 Automobile dealers
4680 Other motor vehicle dealers
4690 Auto parts, accessories, and tire stores
4770 Furniture and home furnishings stores
4780 Household appliance stores
4790 Radio, TV, and computer stores
4870 Building material and supplies dealers
4880 Hardware stores
4890 Lawn and garden equipment and supplies stores
4970 Grocery stores
4980 Specialty food stores
4990 Beer, wine, and liquor stores
5070 Pharmacies and drug stores
5080 Health and personal care, except drug stores
5090 Gasoline stations
5170 Clothing and accessories, except shoe stores
5180 Shoe stores
5190 Jewelry, luggage, and leather goods stores
5270 Sporting goods, camera, and hobby and toy stores
5280 Sewing, needlework and piece goods stores
5290 Music stores
5370 Book stores and news dealers
5380 Department stores
5390 Miscellaneous general merchandise stores
5470 Retail florists
5480 Office supplies and stationary stores
5490 Used merchandise stores
5570 Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops
5580 Miscellaneous retail stores
5590 Electronic shopping
5591 Electronic auctions
5592 Mail order houses
5670 Vending machine operators
5680 Fuel dealers
5690 Other direct selling establishments
5790 Not specified retail trade
6070 Air transportation
6080 Rail transportation
6090 Water transportation
6170 Truck transportation
6180 Bus service and urban transit
6190 Taxi and limousine service
6270 Pipeline transportation
6280 Scenic and sightseeing transportation
6290 Services incidental to transportation
6370 Postal Service
6380 Couriers and messengers
6390 Warehousing and storage
6470 Newspaper publishers
6480 Publishing, except newspapers and software
6490 Software publishing
6570 Motion pictures and video industries
6590 Sound recording industries
6670 Radio and television broadcasting and cable
6675 Internet publishing and broadcasting
6680 Wired telecommunications carriers
6690 Other telecommunication services
6692 Internet service providers
6695 Data processing, hosting, and related services
6770 Libraries and archives
6780 Other information services
6790 Data processing services
6870 Banking and related activities
6880 Savings institutions, including credit unions
6890 Non-depository credit and related activities
6970 Securities, commodities, funds, trusts, and other financial investments
6990 Insurance carriers and related activities
7070 Real estate
7080 Automotive equipment rental and leasing
7170 Video tape and disk rental
7180 Other consumer goods rental
7190 Commercial, industrial, and other intangible assets rental and leasing
7270 Legal services
7280 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services
7290 Architectural, engineering, and related services
7370 Specialized design services
7380 Computer systems design and related services
7390 Management, scientific and technical consulting services
7460 Scientific research and development services
7470 Advertising and related services
7480 Veterinary services
7490 Other professional, scientific and technical services
7570 Management of companies and enterprises
7580 Employment services
7590 Business support services
7670 Travel arrangements and reservation services
7680 Investigation and security services
7690 Services to buildings and dwellings
7770 Landscaping services
7780 Other administrative, and other support services
7790 Waste management and remediation services
7860 Elementary and secondary schools
7870 Colleges and universities, including junior colleges
7880 Business, technical, and trade schools and training
7890 Other schools, instruction, and educational services
7970 Offices of physicians
7980 Offices of dentists
7990 Office of chiropractors
8070 Offices of optometrists
8080 Offices of other health practitioners
8090 Outpatient care centers
8170 Home health care services
8180 Other health care services
8190 Hospitals
8270 Nursing care facilities
8290 Residential care facilities, without nursing
8370 Individual and family services
8380 Community food and housing, and emergency services
8390 Vocational rehabilitation services
8470 Child day care services
8560 Independent artists, performing arts, spectator sports, and related industries
8570 Museums, art galleries, historical sites, and similar institutions
8580 Bowling centers
8590 Other amusement, gambling, and recreation industries
8660 Traveler accommodation
8670 Recreational vehicle parks and camps, and rooming and boarding houses
8680 Restaurants and other food services
8690 Drinking places, alcoholic beverages
8770 Automotive repair and maintenance
8780 Car washes
8790 Electronic and precision equipment repair and maintenance
8870 Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance
8880 Personal and household goods repair and maintenance
8890 Footwear and leather goods repair
8970 Barber shops
8980 Beauty salons
8990 Nail salons and other personal care services
9070 Dry cleaning and laundry services
9080 Funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories
9090 Other personal services
9160 Religious organizations
9170 Civic, social, advocacy organizations, and grantmaking and giving services
9180 Labor unions
9190 Business, professional, political, and similar organizations
9290 Private households
9370 Executive offices and legislative bodies
9380 Public finance activities
9390 Other general government and support
9470 Justice, public order, and safety activities
9480 Administration of human resource programs
9490 Administration of environmental quality and housing programs
9570 Administration of economic programs and space research
9590 National security and international affairs
9890 Armed forces


Variable creation
* Industry: 2002 classification
/* 2003-2008: 2002 census industry codes */
gen ind02 = .

if $monthlycps == 1 {
    if tm(2003m1) <= $date & $date <= tm(2008m12) {
        replace ind02 = indcode

#delimit ;
lab def ind02
0170 "Crop production"
0180 "Animal production"
0190 "Forestry except logging"
0270 "Logging"
0280 "Fishing, hunting, and trapping 9999"
0290 "Support activities for agriculture and forestry"
0370 "Oil and gas extraction"
0380 "Coal mining"
0390 "Metal ore mining"
0470 "Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying"
0480 "Not specified type of mining"
0490 "Support activities for mining"
0770 "Construction"
1070 "Animal food, grain, and oilseed milling"
1080 "Sugar and confectionery products"
1090 "Fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty food manufacturing"
1170 "Dairy product manufacturing"
1180 "Animal slaughtering and processing"
1190 "Retail bakeries"
1270 "Bakeries, except retail"
1280 "Seafood and other miscellaneous foods, n.e.c."
1290 "Not specified food industries"
1370 "Beverage manufacturing"
1390 "Tobacco manufacturing"
1470 "Fiber, yarn, and thread mills"
1480 "Fabric mills, except knitting"
1490 "Textile and fabric finishing and coating mills"
1570 "Carpets and rugs manufacturing"
1590 "Textile product mills except carpets and rugs"
1670 "Knitting mills"
1680 "Cut and sew apparel manufacturing"
1690 "Apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing"
1770 "Footwear manufacturing"
1790 "Leather tanning and products, except footwear manufacturing"
3770 "Sawmills and wood preservation"
3780 "Veneer, plywood, and engineered wood products"
3790 "Prefabricated wood buildings and mobile homes"
3870 "Miscellaneous wood products"
1870 "Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills"
1880 "Paperboard containers and boxes"
1890 "Miscellaneous paper and pulp products"
1990 "Printing and related support activities"
2070 "Petroleum refining"
2090 "Miscellaneous petroleum and coal products"
2170 "Resin, synthetic rubber and fibers, and filaments manufacturing"
2180 "Agricultural chemical manufacturing"
2190 "Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing"
2270 "Paint, coating, and adhesives manufacturing"
2280 "Soap, cleaning compound, and cosmetic manufacturing"
2290 "Industrial and miscellaneous chemicals"
2370 "Plastics product manufacturing"
2380 "Tire manufacturing"
2390 "Rubber products, except tires, manufacturing"
2470 "Pottery, ceramics, and related products manufacturing"
2480 "Structural clay product manufacturing"
2490 "Glass and glass product manufacturing"
2570 "Cement, concrete, lime, and gypsum product manufacturing"
2590 "Miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing"
2670 "Iron and steel mills and steel product manufacturing"
2680 "Aluminum production and processing"
2690 "Nonferrous metal, except aluminum, production and processing"
2770 "Foundries"
2780 "Metal forgings and stampings"
2790 "Cutlery and hand tool manufacturing"
2870 "Structural metals and tank and shipping container manufacturing"
2880 "Machine shops, turned product, screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing"
2890 "Coating, engraving, heat treating and allied activities"
2970 "Ordnance"
2980 "Miscellaneous fabricated metal products manufacturing"
2990 "Not specified metal industries"
3070 "Agricultural implement manufacturing"
3080 "Construction mining and oil field machinery manufacturing"
3090 "Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing"
3170 "Metalworking machinery manufacturing"
3180 "Engines, turbines, and power transmission equipment manufacturing"
3190 "Machinery manufacturing, n.e.c."
3290 "Not specified machinery manufacturing"
3360 "Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing"
3370 "Communications, audio, and video equipment manufacturing"
3380 "Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing"
3390 "Electronic component and product manufacturing, n.e.c."
3470 "Household appliance manufacturing"
3490 "Electrical lighting, equipment, and supplies manufacturing, n.e.c."
3570 "Motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment manufacturing"
3580 "Aircraft and parts manufacturing"
3590 "Aerospace product and parts manufacturing"
3670 "Railroad rolling stock manufacturing"
3680 "Ship and boat building"
3690 "Other transportation equipment manufacturing"
3890 "Furniture and related products manufacturing"
3960 "Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing"
3970 "Toys, amusement, and sporting goods manufacturing"
3980 "Miscellaneous manufacturing, n.e.c."
3990 "Not specified manufacturing industries"
4070 "Motor vehicles, parts and supplies"
4080 "Furniture and home furnishings"
4090 "Lumber and other construction materials"
4170 "Professional and commercial equipment and supplies"
4180 "Metals and minerals, except petroleum"
4190 "Electrical goods"
4260 "Hardware, plumbing and heating equipment, and supplies"
4270 "Machinery, equipment, and supplies"
4280 "Recyclable material"
4290 "Miscellaneous durable goods"
4370 "Paper and paper product wholesalers"
4380 "Drugs, sundries, and chemical and allied product wholesalers"
4390 "Apparel, fabrics, and notions wholesalers"
4470 "Groceries and related product wholesalers"
4480 "Farm product raw material wholesalers"
4490 "Petroleum and petroleum product wholesalers"
4560 "Alcoholic beverage wholesalers"
4570 "Farm supplies wholesalers"
4580 "Miscellaneous nondurable goods wholesalers"
4585 "Wholesale electronics markets, agents and brokers"
4590 "Not specified wholesale trade"
4670 "Automobile dealers"
4680 "Other motor vehicle dealers"
4690 "Auto parts, accessories, and tire stores"
4770 "Furniture and home furnishings stores"
4780 "Household appliance stores"
4790 "Radio, TV, and computer stores"
4870 "Building material and supplies dealers"
4880 "Hardware stores"
4890 "Lawn and garden equipment and supplies stores"
4970 "Grocery stores"
4980 "Specialty food stores"
4990 "Beer, wine, and liquor stores"
5070 "Pharmacies and drug stores"
5080 "Health and personal care, except drug stores"
5090 "Gasoline stations"
5170 "Clothing and accessories, except shoe stores"
5180 "Shoe stores"
5190 "Jewelry, luggage, and leather goods stores"
5270 "Sporting goods, camera, and hobby and toy stores"
5280 "Sewing, needlework and piece goods stores"
5290 "Music stores"
5370 "Book stores and news dealers"
5380 "Department stores"
5390 "Miscellaneous general merchandise stores"
5470 "Retail florists"
5480 "Office supplies and stationary stores"
5490 "Used merchandise stores"
5570 "Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops"
5580 "Miscellaneous retail stores"
5590 "Electronic shopping"
5591 "Electronic auctions"
5592 "Mail order houses"
5670 "Vending machine operators"
5680 "Fuel dealers"
5690 "Other direct selling establishments"
5790 "Not specified retail trade"
6070 "Air transportation"
6080 "Rail transportation"
6090 "Water transportation"
6170 "Truck transportation"
6180 "Bus service and urban transit"
6190 "Taxi and limousine service"
6270 "Pipeline transportation"
6280 "Scenic and sightseeing transportation"
6290 "Services incidental to transportation"
6370 "Postal Service"
6380 "Couriers and messengers"
6390 "Warehousing and storage"
0570 "Electric power generation, transmission and distribution"
0580 "Natural gas distribution"
0590 "Electric and gas, and other combinations"
0670 "Water, steam, air conditioning, and irrigation systems"
0680 "Sewage treatment facilities"
0690 "Not specified utilities"
6470 "Newspaper publishers"
6480 "Publishing, except newspapers and software"
6490 "Software publishing"
6570 "Motion pictures and video industries"
6590 "Sound recording industries"
6670 "Radio and television broadcasting and cable"
6675 "Internet publishing and broadcasting"
6680 "Wired telecommunications carriers"
6690 "Other telecommunication services"
6692 "Internet service providers"
6695 "Data processing, hosting, and related services"
6770 "Libraries and archives"
6780 "Other information services"
6790 "Data processing services"
6870 "Banking and related activities"
6880 "Savings institutions, including credit unions"
6890 "Non-depository credit and related activities"
6970 "Securities, commodities, funds, trusts, and other financial investments"
6990 "Insurance carriers and related activities"
7070 "Real estate"
7080 "Automotive equipment rental and leasing"
7170 "Video tape and disk rental"
7180 "Other consumer goods rental"
7190 "Commercial, industrial, and other intangible assets rental and leasing"
7270 "Legal services"
7280 "Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services"
7290 "Architectural, engineering, and related services"
7370 "Specialized design services"
7380 "Computer systems design and related services"
7390 "Management, scientific and technical consulting services"
7460 "Scientific research and development services"
7470 "Advertising and related services"
7480 "Veterinary services"
7490 "Other professional, scientific and technical services"
7570 "Management of companies and enterprises"
7580 "Employment services"
7590 "Business support services"
7670 "Travel arrangements and reservation services"
7680 "Investigation and security services"
7690 "Services to buildings and dwellings"
7770 "Landscaping services"
7780 "Other administrative, and other support services"
7790 "Waste management and remediation services"
7860 "Elementary and secondary schools"
7870 "Colleges and universities, including junior colleges"
7880 "Business, technical, and trade schools and training"
7890 "Other schools, instruction, and educational services"
7970 "Offices of physicians"
7980 "Offices of dentists"
7990 "Office of chiropractors"
8070 "Offices of optometrists"
8080 "Offices of other health practitioners"
8090 "Outpatient care centers"
8170 "Home health care services"
8180 "Other health care services"
8190 "Hospitals"
8270 "Nursing care facilities"
8290 "Residential care facilities, without nursing"
8370 "Individual and family services"
8380 "Community food and housing, and emergency services"
8390 "Vocational rehabilitation services"
8470 "Child day care services"
8560 "Independent artists, performing arts, spectator sports, and related industries"
8570 "Museums, art galleries, historical sites, and similar institutions"
8580 "Bowling centers"
8590 "Other amusement, gambling, and recreation industries"
8660 "Traveler accommodation"
8670 "Recreational vehicle parks and camps, and rooming and boarding houses"
8680 "Restaurants and other food services"
8690 "Drinking places, alcoholic beverages"
8770 "Automotive repair and maintenance"
8780 "Car washes"
8790 "Electronic and precision equipment repair and maintenance"
8870 "Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance"
8880 "Personal and household goods repair and maintenance"
8890 "Footwear and leather goods repair"
8970 "Barber shops"
8980 "Beauty salons"
8990 "Nail salons and other personal care services"
9070 "Dry cleaning and laundry services"
9080 "Funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories"
9090 "Other personal services"
9160 "Religious organizations"
9170 "Civic, social, advocacy organizations, and grantmaking and giving services"
9180 "Labor unions"
9190 "Business, professional, political, and similar organizations"
9290 "Private households"
9370 "Executive offices and legislative bodies"
9380 "Public finance activities"
9390 "Other general government and support"
9470 "Justice, public order, and safety activities"
9480 "Administration of human resource programs"
9490 "Administration of environmental quality and housing programs"
9570 "Administration of economic programs and space research"
9590 "National security and international affairs"
9890 "Armed forces"
#delimit cr;
lab val ind02 ind02
label var ind02 "2002 Census Industry Classification"
notes ind02: Industry classification for 2003-2008
notes ind02: 2003-2008 CPS: peio1icd