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docc03: Detailed occupation recode, 2003-present


docc03 is the Census recode of the detailed occupation of the primary job.


Sample Years
Basic 2003 - present
ORG 2003 - present


Value Label
1 Management occupations
2 Business and financial operations occupations
3 Computer and mathematical science occupations
4 Architecture and engineering occupations
5 Life, physical, and social science occupations
6 Community and social service occupations
7 Legal occupations
8 Education, training, and library occupations
9 Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations
10 Healthcare practitioner and technical occupations
11 Healthcare support occupations
12 Protective service occupations
13 Food preparation and serving related occupations
14 Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations
15 Personal care and service occupations
16 Sales and related occupations
17 Office and administrative support occupations
18 Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations
19 Construction and extraction occupations
20 Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations
21 Production occupations
22 Transportation and material moving occupations
23 Armed Forces


Variable creation
* mocc03: Major occupation recode, 2003-present
gen byte docc03 = .
if $monthlycps == 1 {
    if tm(2003m1) <= $date {
        replace docc03 = prdtocc1
    replace docc03 = . if docc03 < 0

#delimit ;
label define docc03
1  "Management occupations"
2  "Business and financial operations occupations"
3  "Computer and mathematical science occupations"
4  "Architecture and engineering occupations"
5  "Life, physical, and social science occupations"
6  "Community and social service occupations"
7  "Legal occupations"
8  "Education, training, and library occupations"
9  "Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations"
10 "Healthcare practitioner and technical occupations"
11 "Healthcare support occupations"
12 "Protective service occupations"
13 "Food preparation and serving related occupations"
14 "Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations"
15 "Personal care and service occupations"
16 "Sales and related occupations"
17 "Office and administrative support occupations"
18 "Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations"
19 "Construction and extraction occupations"
20 "Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations"
21 "Production occupations"
22 "Transportation and material moving occupations"
23 "Armed Forces"
label values docc03 docc03;
#delimit cr ;
label var docc03 "Detailed occupation recode, 2003-present"
notes docc03: Detailed occupation recode by Census, consistent for 2003-present
notes docc03: Occupation codes from primary job
notes docc03: 2003-present: prdtocc1