EPI Microdata Extracts

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The latest EPI CPS extracts are available in Stata format:

Extract Years File Version
CPS Basic monthly 1976 - 2020m6 epi_cpsbasic_2000_2020.zip
CPS May 1973 - 1981 epi_cpsmay_1973_1981.zip 1.0.7
CPS ORG 1979 - 2020m6 epi_cpsorg_1979_2020.zip 1.0.7

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If you use the EPI extracts for your research, please cite the data in your references:

Suggested citation for EPI microdata extracts

Economic Policy Institute. 2020. Current Population Survey Extracts, Version 1.0.7, https://microdata.epi.org.

The code that creates the EPI extracts and documentation is available on Github.