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Available variables

Variable Description
a_earnhour Hourly earnings allocated by BLS
a_weekpay Weekly pay allocated by BLS
age Age
agechild Presence of own children, by age group
basicwgt Basic monthly weight
cbsafips Core Based Statistical Area - FIPS code
cbsasize Size of metropolitan area (CBSA)
citistat Citizenship status, detailed
citizen US citizen
cmpwgt Composited final monthly weight
countyfips County - FIPS code
cow1 Class of Worker, 1st job
cow2 Class of Worker, 2nd job
dind03 Detailed industry recode, 2003-present
discwork Discourged worker
division Census division (1-9)
dlfstat Labor-force status
docc03 Detailed occupation recode, 2003-present
earnhour Hourly wage (if hourly worker)
educ Education level
emp Employed
emphrs Reason not at work/hours last week
famid Family identifer (unique within household)
faminc Family income category
famrel Family relationship recode
famtype Family type
famwgt Family weight
female Female
finalwgt Final basic monthly weight
ftptstat Full/part-time work status
gradeatn Education level attained, detailed, post-1991
gradecom Completed highest grade attended
gradehi Highest grade attended
hhid Household identifer (unique within month)
hhtype Household type
hhwgt Household weight
hispanic Hispanic ethnicity
hourslw1 Hours worked last week, main job
hourslw2 Hours worked last week, other jobs
hourslwt Hours worked last week, total
hoursu1 Usual hours worked per week, main job
hoursu1i Imputed usual weekly hours, main job (ORG only)
hoursu2 Usual hours worked per week, other jobs
hoursuint Usual hours worked weekly, intervalled
hoursumay Usual hours worked per week at main job (May supplement)
hoursuorg Usual hours worked per week at this rate/job (earner study)
hoursut Usual hours worked per week, all jobs
hoursvary Usual hours vary, main job
hrhhid CPS: Household identifier (Part 1)
hrhhid2 CPS: Household identifier (Part 2)
hrsample CPS: Household sample identifier
hrsersuf CPS: Household serial suffix
huhhnum CPS: Household number
ind02 2002 Census Industry Classification
ind07 2007 Census Industry Classification
ind12 2012 Census Industry Classification
ind17 2017 Census Industry Classification
ind70 1970 Census Industry Classification
ind80 1980 Census Industry Classification
ind90 1990 Census Industry Classification
lfstat Labor-force status
lookdur Job seeking duration (weeks)
manuf Manufacturing industry
married Married
metstat Metropolitan status
mind03 Major industry recode, 2003-present
mind16 Major industry (consistent)
minsamp Month in sample
mocc03 Major occupation recode, 2003-present
mocc10 Major occupation (consistent)
month Month
multjobs Multiple job holder
nilf Not in labor force
numjobs Number of jobs
occ00 2000 Census Occupation Classification
occ10 2010 Census Occupation Classification
occ18 2018 Census Occupation Classification
occ70 1970 Census Occupation Classification
occ80 1980 Census Occupation Classification
occ90 1990 Census Occupation Classification
occcode Occupation: original census code
orgwgt Earnings weight
otcamt Weekly earnings overtime, tips, commissions
otcrec Usually receive overtime, tips, commissions
ownchild Number of own children in primary family
paidhre Paid by hour
personid Person identifer (unique within household-month)
proxy Self or proxy response
ptecon Part-time for economic reasons
pubfed Federal government employee
publoc Local government employee
pubsec Public sector employee
pubst State government employee
pulineno CPS: Person line number within household
raceorig Race, minimally recoded, detailed
region Census region (1-4)
samejob Same employer as last month, at main job
schenrl Enrolled in high school or college last week
selfemp Self-employed (unincorporated)
selfinc Incorporated self-employed
statecensus State - Census code
statefips State - FIPS code
tc_weekpay Weekly pay top-coded by BLS
uncov Covered by a union contract (not a member)
unemp Unemployed
unempdur Unemployment duration, in weeks
unicon_recnum Unicon unique person record, 1973-1993
union Represented by a union as a member or covered by contract
unmem Member of a union
veteran Veteran status
wage Hourly wage (adjusted)
wage_noadj Hourly wage
wageotc Hourly wage (adjusted) - OTC consistent
wageotc_noadj Hourly wage - OTC consistent
wbhao Race/ethnicity, including Asian
wbhaom Race/ethnicity, including Asian and multiple
wbho Race/ethnicity
wbho_only Race: white only, black only, hispanic, other
wbhom Race/ethnicity, including multiple
wbo_only Race: white only, black only, other
weekpay Weekly pay (top-code adjusted)
weekpay_noadj Weekly pay
whyabsent Reason absent from work
whyunemp Reason for unemployment
year Year